Window Reproduction Gallery

Victorian Home, Crawfordsville, IN

"I had been looking for someone to solve my window problem for years.  I found Heirloom Windows when I finally used a different search engine.  Bill was able to build replica windows replacing our 100 plus year old windows.  He used modern technology, coupled with Indiana poplar and high tech cladding, and double pane insulated glass to exactly duplicate our ornate window design.  He then installed them into the original frames using his “Window Logic weather stripping system.  We have received many compliments on our new windows, which compliment our house so well. Bill is a true craftsman, who can be truly proud of his work and products." - G.M., Crawfordsville, IN


Poston Home, Crawfordsville IN

Poston Home, East Wabash Street, Crawfordsville IN

Built by owner of local brick factory, the model of brick used in this building was never made again. 

Replaced original windows (except picture and turret) with Magnums


Neal Home, Crawfordsville IN

Oneal Home, SR 32 W Crawfordsville IN

Built in 1840's and on the National Register of Historic Places. Original owner was conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Upper story front windows are original with Retrofit system and overglazing. Upper story side and lower story front are Magnum. Lower story side will be Magnum with new jambs, after the existing (installed and enlarged in 1900) windows are removed and bricked up to match other front windows (original size).


Main Street, Crawfordsville

Downtown Crawfordsville

Original third story windows were restored and retrofitted (single glazing). Second story windows were removed during previous renovation and missing. Second story windows shown are currently Magnums (insulated glass), the pattern of which were taken from the third story.


Montgomery County Visitors Bureau

Pike and Water Street, Crawfordsville IN

Removed all windows on first story, added insulated glass and retrofit system.

Replaced all second story windows with Magnums


Main Street, Ladoga


McLelland / Lane Home, Crawfordsville IN

Cherry & High Streets, Crawfordsville IN

On National Register of Historic Places

Deteriorating round top windows relaced with Magnums

East Main Street Crawfordsville IN

Sixteen Magnum Windows and new casing wrap.
Customer wanted casing wrap to cover casing where storm windows were removed (rust and fastener holes etc). 


115 - 117 South Washington

115 - 117 Facade Before Improvements

115 - 117 Facade After Improvements

115 - 117 Windows Before

115 - 117 Windows After

115 - 117 South Washington Street Crawfordsville IN
Two connected store fronts in the historic district of Crawfordsville.
Demolish the existing facades to reveal original fabric and rebuild according to photographic records. All exterior material on storefront is primed and painted "Extira" water-proof MDF. Repair existing brickmolding and sills. Fabricate and install round-top Magnum sash in second story. Paint window frames and brickmold after completion.


Yountsville Mill

Yountsville Mill 
SR 32 West
Crawfordsville IN
1840's Woolen Mill   
National Register of Historic Places

Fabricated 66 6/6 replica sash with proprietary overglazing system. 

William H Block Building 
Market and Illinois Street 
Indianapolis IN

350 10' tall double-hung windows with a modified version (Architect's specifications) of Retrofit Kit. Insulated glass added to 2.25" thick frames